Cheerleading is a rapidly developing sport within Hills Road and in 2017, it transitioned from an enrichment to a competitive college sport. With regular training taking place from 12:30-1:40 on Tuesdays, the squad has full access to the main hall in the Hills Road Sports Centre in order to practice routines for upcoming competitions. The Cheer squad has one of the strongest bonds of camaraderie and team spirit at Hills, which pays dividends in their competition performance, with the squad producing exciting, well-polished routines. In 2017, the squad came 1st in the ICE Senior Level Cheer Championships which has set the pathway through which the squad will now develop over the coming years.


No. teams 1
Training Tuesday – lunchtime
Coaches Catherine Vining
Facilities Hills Road Sports Centre (main hall and cricket nets)
Competitions ·       ICE

·       ICC

·       NCA

·       Future Cheer