Hills rowing operates through Cantabrigian Rowing Club, with students permitted full access to its 2 boathouses located in Chesterton. Facilities include an erg room with a free weights area in addition to showering and basic kitchen facilities. The coaching staff consists of Cantabrigian coaches, who run the 3-5pm outing on Wednesdays. This forms the main training of the week with additional land training on Tuesday’s during period 3 (P3) (erg or circuit). Further training is set by the captains and extra outings are available, particularly in the build up to major competitions. Coached erg workshops are also available throughout the year from the Cantabrigian senior coaches and in 2017, the women’s squad received a session run by 3 members of the Cambridge Women’s Boat Race crew in the build up to SHORR.

Rowing is a rapidly developing sport within Hills due to the increased commitment and success of the squad in recent years in addition to the influx of rowers gained from each ‘Learn to Row’ course offered by the college. The 8-week programme trains complete beginners to be able to row in an eight in order to join the main squad upon completion of the course.



Teams 1 men’s squad

1 women’s squad

(boat type dependent on cohort)

Training Tuesday: P3 land training

Wednesday: 3-5pm outing

(additional training set by captains)

Coaches Coaching staff from Cantabrigian Rowing Club
Facilities Hills Road Sports Centre

Cantabrigian Boathouse, Chesterton

  • SHORR (Schools Head)
  • National Schools Regatta
  • Henley Royal Regatta Qualifiers
  • BR Championships
  • Peterborough Regatta
  • Summer Bumps
  • Racing on the River Cam (including; Winter League series, Winter Head)