Sporting Successes

Year            Male Personality       Female Personality      Team of the Year

2009                         Sam Pickup                                           Laura Oates                                                 Men’s Football & Women’s Hockey

2010                          Sam Pickup                                           Kayleigh Hubbard                                     Mixed Rugby & Rowing

2011                           Matt George                                          Charlotte Dobson                                      Mixed Badminton

2012                          Chris Darling                                         Chloe Solomou                                           Men’s Tennis

2013                          C J Kindred                                            Emma May                                                  Netball & Women’s Hockey

2014                          Jacob Marshall-Grint                          Cath Owen                                                    Cross Country & Badminton

2015                          Luca Love                                              Emily Fuller                                                   Women’s Hockey

2016                          Lorcan George                                      May Perrin                                                     Men & Women’s Rowing

2017                           Shaun Rackley                                     Harriet Barker                                               Netball

2018                          James McLaughlin                              Liv Hyde                                                         Elite Cheer


Sporting Successes

James McLaughlin was awarded Male Personality of the Year for his contribution to tennis, badminton and representing England at golf.

Liv Hyde won the Female Personality of the Year for her contribution to badminton, volleyball, Captain of Tennis and team member of the Women’s hockey team who won Silver and the AoC National Championships.

Team of the Year went to Cheer for their outstanding performance at the National Spotlight Championships.